Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Post Botox Followup

We had the 6 week followup with the Orthopeadic Surgeon last week. There were 2 things to come out of the appointment:

1. Firstly he doesnt think that he put enough Botox in Corbins calf muscles so he thinks he might give them another dose - I however can see that after 6 weeks the Botox is already wearing off for Corbin, and
2. Fortnightly physio sessions post Botox are NOT considered acceptable to the Orthopeadic Surgeon - No kidding - I did try to say something to the physiotherapist but I'm just the stupid mother who knows nothing.

So all in all the orthodox medical profession (Orthopeadics and physios) think that Botox has been a success for Corbin because without his high tone kicking in he has been able to step with his feet "flat" and his stepping action is far improved over the past 6 weeks. But as I said I can see that the Botox is starting to wear off already and I therefore still remain sceptical and will continue to wait and see, because in my mind if there is no long term benefit from doing Botox why bother doing it? 6 weeks is nothing in the overall scope of a life time.

My biggest objection to Botox is the physio - more the fact that we as a family have to do it rather than an independant physio. It is just horrible battling with Corbin to do his stretches and physio - they hurt and weight bearing on his feet has been unbearable for him at times over the past 6 weeks.

I have spent the first 9 years of Master Jays life and the first 3 years of Corbins life making my boys do physio and stretching programs that hurt and caused many battles and cross words with them and heartache and stress for me. When I look back they simply couldn't understand what the hell their Mum was making them do all those horrible hurtful things for. So as you can guess I'm well and truly over hurting my kids for minimal, if any, gain!!!

This is why I love ABR - aside from the fact it actually works, ie there is a gain for our kids - it doesn't hurt!!! In the Cerebral Palsy world where there are no miracle cures, who could ask for more - something that works and doesn't hurt???


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