Monday, April 9, 2012

Watch out everyone Corbin will be on the loose....

Corbin has outgrown his current manual wheelchair and we have just found out that he is going to get a power chair - how cool is that. It will give him so much more independance especially at school. No more relying on others to push him around at morning tea and lunch time and he will be able to get to the toilet on time without assistance. Wow he might even be able to keep up with his friends at school. It will also give him heaps more independance when we are out and about, especially on surfaces where he really struggles to self propel - like grass at the park or even around our own house. He is so excited and so am I.

We have just been away for the Easter weekend, staying with friends in Te Anau. As always it tears at my heartstrings when the kids are out riding scooters and ripsticks and he is struggling along behind in his wheelchair trying to keep up. We did an Easter egg hunt around the section and everyone else is running around scooping up the Easter eggs and Corbin is left to be pushed around by his Mum because its too hard to self propel on the grass and he can't crawl because the ground is wet and he has had a bad cold. And then everyone decides to go on a short bush walk - I tried to suggest that Corbin and I will just wait for the others but Corbin got upset so I decide to check out the track and managed to push him around it but not without significant effort on my part and lagging considerably behind the other kids at best. All these things will be possible for Corbin to do independantly with a power chair. I can't wait.

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