Tuesday, March 20, 2012

One for the bucket list - albeit unusual!!!

Have you ever ridden a clydesdale horse? Well I have and his name is Clancy. That is one for the bucket list for sure.
We had a beautiful weekend away apart from the horseriding which was a bit of a disaster especially for the 3 ladies that have never been on a horse. It was a bit disorganised and we had no confidence in our 19 year old German guide who didn't even know where we were going because he had never been on the particular trail we were going on, and then took us the wrong way to start with - oops!!!
They put me on the massive big Clydesdale because I was the only one who had "experience" on a horse. Well this beast was huge. With my very short stature of 1.57 cm tall he towered over me which was quite intimidating really and he was so strong and old and very stubborn to boot. Thank God I didn't fall off because it was a damn long way to fall if I did!!!
Gave us all something to laugh about for the rest of the day anyway. It was a great weekend and I'm so blessed to know such a lovely group of gals.

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