Friday, July 30, 2010

Wheres the wheelchair?

How could I be so stupid?

As per past posts I have been taking Corbin on the bus a bit lately. This term the bus no longer comes past our drive so, weather permitting, on a Friday morning I drive 1 km to meet the bus at the closest collection point, then I go with Corbin on the bus and off load him at the other end, then I walk about 4 km back to the car. What I have normally been doing is I leave Corbins wheelchair at school on Thursday ready for when we arrive the following morning.

This morning we arrived at school - no wheelchair - OMG what an idiot, I'd left it in the car!!! This is a bit like sending your "normal" child to school with their legs taped together so they can't move. How could I completely forget about Corbins essentials. Maybe it was a momentary lapse in that dream world I sometimes visit where there are no "extras' required.

So after I walked back to the car - I then had to drive the wheelchair to school - talk about a time waster!!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Little Scholar

Every Tuesday morning I help with spelling in Corbins class. My job is to test the children on their "list" words to see it they are ready to move on to the next "list".

This week was Corbins turn - He has been practising "List 5" words all last term and today he passed - Awesome !!!! This means he is now working on "List 6" words which is a 9.5 - 10 year old level. How cool is that?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Keeping busy

Oops I have been so busy since the kids went back to school last week that I have forgotten to blog - I wonder if blogging twice in one week will make up for it?

The school holidays went fast as usual. As well as going to Kidzone, Miss Livee and Master Corbin earned the opportunity to go to two movies (earned as in did lots of jobs for me). They chose Shrek and Marmaduke. Other than that we didnt do much.

First week back at school has been busy. In addition to coaching Miss Livees Tuesday night netball team, I am coaching another team for an interschool competition again this year and we had 2 practices for that last week. Thats always enough to cause a few more grey hairs!! Plus I'm always kept quite busy with Miss Livees afterschool activities which include Netball, Jazz, Hockey and Keyboard. She does quite a few activities but thats because even though I have 3 children, I only have 1 that can do all these things.

Master Jay tried a few sports over the years but he didn't like all the running around most of them entailed and he had a go at music/guitar but has settled with what he is passionate about, motorbikes and cars. He spends hours and hours in the shed "tinkering" with engines. My budding mechanic!!

And Corbin - well I guess its early days yet - maybe music next year. He has great aspirations to be an All Black when he walks. I think its a bit early to burst that bubble yet......

Monday, July 12, 2010

Talkative little boys....

Well we are into the second week of the school holidays. Corbin has been quite excited to have some time at home with his teddies and has been chatting away constantly to me and anyone or anything that he thinks is interested in hearing his voice!!!! I'd had enough of the verbal diahorea coming from this mouth this morning that I told him to stop flapping his lips just for the sake of it - the worst thing was he thought I was being funny!!!!

I have made an observation of the male sex over the years as Master Jay has grown up from a very talkative little boy to a monosyllabic grunting teenager and as I watch (and listen to Corbin)I'm further convinced my observation is very very true. My observation is this. Males use up all their words by talking constantly before they hit puberty and from then on a conversation with most males is like getting blood from a stone. Obviously this is a huge generalisation but probably quite accurate non the less. One day I might research this further............

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Today I took the children to the Invercargill Zidzone festival. A wonderful program that Invercargill is very lucky to have. Everyone had a great day doing many wonderful activities. Corbin made a toolbox and a marble game in the woodwork room and a hand puppet in the sewing room (alright Corbin didn't make them - I did. But he did help hit the nails in in the woodwork room). He also got his hair done and a we made a cool fake cut on his hand (look hard in the first photo) and they loved the "paddle jumpers" (second photo).

We had no sooner left for the day and Miss Livee and Corbin are both talking about what they are going to do next year.