Monday, November 29, 2010

Universal Studios Singapore, by Corbin

I had lots of fun . It was awesome , fantasik , amasing , cool and exilnt I went on many rides. I went on this ride when you go in this circle thing you sit in it and you get spun around. My favourite ride was the Treasure Hunters. You go in a safari car and drive around and you see mechanical animals. My favourite animal was the snakes.
I went on the Far far away rollacoaster and I went on this other thing like a rollacoaster at Jurasic park. We went on the Dino soarin ride and rode pterdactyls. I flew it. I went on the Madagascar merry go round and a Shrek ferris wheel. We saw Julian, Gloria, alex and the penguins of madagascar dancing and singing I like to move it move it. I got a photo with the penguins of madagascar. Mum bought me a drink bottle and a lego game and Mum went on this rollacoaster that was called revenge of the mummy and it was in the dark and lots of scary things popped up. The lights camera action was awesome. Me and mum liked it. We watched the Water world show and got really wet because we sat in the soak zone. If you ever go there do not sit in the blue or green seats or you will get really wet. It rained after that and we got even wetter.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


After 17 hours of travelling, Corbin and I finally arrived at our hotel in Singapore at 10.30 pm Singapore time (or 3.30am NZ time) last night.

We left home at 10am NZ time and drove 2 hours to Queenstown airport. 30 minutes from home Corbin asks "Is this Queenstown?". Oh boy its gunna be a long day...

I have never flown internationally out of Queenstown before so it was a damn good job that we arrived 2.5 hours before the flight because we stood waiting for check in for 1.5 hours!!! I have never seen or been in such a slow moving check in line!!!

Because Queenstown is such a small airport I checked Corbins stroller in with our luggage but unfortunately I didnt think about the stop off/change of planes in Sydney. About 500metres into our long journey thru the Sydney airport I found a luggage trolley and popped Corbin into the basket of that and of course while browsing in a duty free shop on the way to the next plane, the idiotic shop assistant asked Corbin what he was doing in the trolley, that he was too big to be in there and he should be walking!!! What is it with employees at the Sydney airport??? Once again this man bent over backwards to be nice when I politely(?) informed him that Corbin was unable to walk and it was too far for me to carry him.

It was only a short 50 min stop over in Sydney then it was on to Singapore. Normally a couple of movies breaks the monotony of the 8 hr flight, but guess what? The were having huge problems with the inflight entertainment system and some of the plane couldnt get the service or sound and I couldnt get sound. Great!!! Thank goodness I took a trashy book with me. Corbin went to sleep about 2 hours into the flight and I read.

Needless to say we both went straight to sleep once we reached the hotel, however Corbin was wide awake at 4.30am (which was a sleep in if we were still in NZ). So we are in for another long day.

Anyway we have a couple of days sightseeing and a little shopping before our assessment on Wednesday. I'm really looking forward to seeing the ABR team and of course Leonid. I'm in dire need of a little encouragement.....

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Queenstown, NZ

We had a lovely day boating on Saturday. Beaut day but the water was freezing. Needless to say I stayed in the boat and did most of the driving, Including wacking the side of the boat into the jetty - oops!!! No hole but just a rather large sound of splintering fibreglass.

Corbin was delighted to have his first go on the disc - like the big kids (he normally goes in the donut with someone holding him) here he is with his dad (hes the little one with the yellow life jacket)

Master Jay was also stoked because he got up on water skis for the first time ever Not bad going when hemiplegia means your balance is not wonderful!

And here is one of the dare devil Miss Livee and her friend Emma, with a beautiful view of The Remarkables, Queenstown in the back ground.

Now all we need if warmer water and I might even get in..................

Friday, November 12, 2010

Off for the weekend

We are away this afternoon to the beautiful Queenstown, NZ. Friends are in Queenstown this weekend and just by pure fluke there was a cancellation at the CCS(CCS Disability Action) holiday home (this is a holiday home that members can stay at for extremely cheap rates) and I managed to nab it for the weekend. We are taking the boat and counting on this beautiful spell of weather continuing for the weekend. So next week I'll post some photos of our weekend away so all the non-locals reading this blog can see what we here in Invercargill have at our back door (well 2 hours away anyway)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Awesome - we won the Blogging Campaign!!!

This weekend I've received some really exciting news! "For the Love of Corbin" blog has won the ABR Asia quarterly blogging campaign. I'm thrilled because it means 3months free machine rental for us. A huge added bonus so thank you ABR Asia and also everyone who reads this blog.

I told Corbin that his blog won and his response was "Its probably because I helped you" - OK I admit it adds a warm furry feeling when people read words from the mouths of babes and his stories are probably more interesting than what I've got to say, but come on Corbin I do most of the work!!! Ah the story of my life!!!

We are off for our next training trip in 3 weeks so I have lots to do before I leave. Perhaps first on my to do list for this week is to find somewhere (somewhere cheap) to stay when we get there.

Have a great week everyone - mine is going to be a ripper - I can just feel it....

Monday, November 1, 2010

Back to scool now (by Corbin)

"I had a good day back at scool because I get to sit besied my best friend Sam and I'm close to my other friends Emma and Jackson too. The end." By Corbin

I think Corbin should be writing this blog himself, as he seems to be able to write more regularly than me. I have just found an old school book that Corbin has been doing some writing in and this little story was written 2 weeks ago on the first day of the term so I thought I would pop it in. Spelling is pretty good for a 7 year old (I have typed it letter for letter).

Well its a beautiful afternoon in Invercargill, NZ so I'm off to help with homework, then we will be off outside to enjoy the sun.