Monday, June 21, 2010

The toothless grin from ear to ear...

I have to tell you about the size of Corbins toothless grin on Friday. It was huge, from ear to ear, and the grin stayed there for a whole 10 minute bus trip.

And now I'll tell you why. Ever since Corbin started school he has desperately wanted to go on the school bus that comes past our house just like his brother and sister did before him. Well on Friday I gave him his wish - he was a bus kid for the first time ever. Pete, the bus driver, is a lovely kind hearted man and he made a big fuss of Corbin, telling the parents that were waiting at the various stops that he had a special guest on the bus that morning and Corbin just thought he was the bees knees. It was gorgeous. Of course I had to go with him to get him off the bus at the other end and then I walked the 5.1 kms home to our house. Even though it was very cold I almost bounced home because I knew how much the little bus trip had meant to Corbin...

Unfortunately Corbins days as a "bus kid" will be short lived because the ministry of education in NZ are withdrawing our part of the school bus run meaning the bus will not be coming past our house as of the next school term. So it will be back to travelling by car. I intend to take him on the bus as much as I can over the next 2 weeks, so fingers crossed that the weather holds out so I can make it home without getting drenched!!!

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