Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mid year report

Its that time of year again - mid year - when my 2 primary school kids get their mid year reports. Both Corbins and Miss Livees were awesome again. It is with a note of extreme proudness (and a touch of modesty) that I thank God that 2 of the 3 children appear to have taken after their mother when it comes to academic ability!!!

Corbin, who is not 7 until late September, is reading at a 8.5 year old level, spelling at a 9 year old level and above average in his maths as well. I am so delighted, at least he has intelligence on his side.

And this is his teachers comment (and by the way his teacher is a very honest, straight-up person who isn't flowery and full of praise unless it is deserved):

"Corbin is a delight to have in class. He is a kind and caring class member who is popular with his peers and adults. He takes responsibility for his classroom and willingly does any job asked of him. Corbin shows perserverance when things are difficult for him physically and academically. He is making excellent progress."

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