Friday, February 10, 2012

Only one day in Hospital

That part is all done anyway. The anaesthetic and Botox went well and we were all done and home by 5pm with a litre of panadol for the pain.

Corbin was as brave as can be - probably because "new" Blue Teddy got to go to theatre with him (I was a little worried that "old" Blue Teddy was far to old, smelly and grubby to go to theatre so I got "new" Blue Teddy out of the cupboard, who was purchased years ago to replace old smelly Blue Teddy but didn't cut the mustard as far as Corbin was concerned so has stayed in the cupboard since.

In preparation for the experience I had explained to Corbin that the anaethesist would put a little mask over his face and would get him to count or say the alphabet or something and he would slowly go to sleep. So in theatre Corbin, being as clued up as most 8 year olds, refused to open his mouth and say anything. Obviously the intention was in his mind was that if he didn't count then he wouldn't go to sleep. Needless to say he was not impressed when he woke up in recovery and I told him it was all over. He said "But I didn't say anything.." and then he packed a sad. Bless him.

Now its the wait and see game and of course the part when I get my nursemaid, physio therapist & occupational therapist skills into action (some of my many talents as the mother of a CP child).

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