Thursday, February 16, 2012

Intensive Physiotherapy?????

After a CP child has Botox injections they are meant to get "intensive" physiotherapy to make the most of the temporary weakening effect the Botox has on the muscles with which it is injected into. Firstly it would appear that the Orthopeadic Surgeon forgot to put a referral in to the public health physio for Corbin. So after I made a few queries earlier this week we got to see a physio today. She was not a specialist in paediatrics nor Cerebral Palsy nor was it a physiotherapy session much to my dismay. Instead I have been given another crash course in basic physiotherapy and sent home to do the work much to Corbins disgust. So once again it is up to Mum to be the big ogre and make Corbin do stretching that hurts and is quite frankly another interruption from just being a child as far as Corbin is concerned.

Oh and by the way our next appointment is in 2 weeks time. I knew I would have to be doing a fair bit of work but I didn't think I would be doing it all and so much for "intensive physiotherapy".

Sometimes I manage to laugh about things like this but this time I had to sit down and cry...

I would like to know will I ever be finished being a physiotherapist, an occupational therapist, an ABR therapist, a wheelchair technician, a nurse, a teacher aide, and his advocate so I can just be his mother?

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