Friday, February 24, 2012

Old photos

I have been backing up all my photos to disc recently and came across a few from when we started ABR 5 years ago - my how things have changed in 5 years - especially Corbin. Corbin had just turned 3 when we started doing ABR. Take a look at this machine application - he is covered - there is no room to spare!!!

For those of you who have no idea what ABR entails this is the way he has basically slept for 5 years. Under all this bulk is the ABR bladders and foams that attach to a machine that simulates the manual ABR movement. And yes Corbin has "worn" the machine for 11-12 hrs a night, most nights for 5 years.

And this is how well he tolerated ABR - it would put him to sleep. We have been really lucky with this as a lot of children don't tolerate it as well. 5 years later he's not so tolerant as he feels it takes up too much time and he is missing out on valuable play time...

Only the veteran families will remember the towel construction shown above. Lots of changes all round.

Where did that 5 years go???

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