Saturday, December 10, 2011

"CAN YOU IMAGINE" by Miss Livee

This is a poem Miss Livee wrote at school a month ago and I've been meaning to post it.


"Can you imagine a perfect world where the sun would always shine,
A world where the trees would talk and guide you,
A world where the birds were like angels,
A world where miracles actually exist,
A world where you do count,
A world where peace came to stay,
A world where you don't have to be afraid to be yourself,
A world where no criminal roams,
A world where you can still talk to your lost ones,
A world where people don't judge you on your looks,
A world where personality is the key,
A world where anything is possible,
A world where dreams are reality,
A world where you can have any super power like invincibility or time travel,
A world where I can't is I can,
A world where crying is laughing,
A world where your future is in your hands!"

Quite thoughtful and deep and meaningful for an 11 year old girl isn't it?

She doesn't really like speaking in front of her class (or anyone other than her family and closest friends) - but she asked to share this with her class. When she did she cried at the end. She told me she didn't think she would cry, but obviously the emotion and feeling that inspired her to write the words overwhelmed her.........
She said that this poem was inspired by Corbin .............

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