Monday, December 19, 2011

My Bright kids

I have 3 very talented and bright children, annd I'm just the proudest Mum in the world right now.

Master Corb had another good year at school. He is still well ahead of his peers in reading, spelling and maths. He apparantly reads at the level expected of a 10.5 year old (He turned 8 in September). So he is a clever little cookie.

Master Jay got a prize at prize giving for achievement in Science and a glowing school report for his academic achievement with wonderful comments from all his teachers. Although he doesn't particularly like school at least he trys hard and is a well behaved and likeable student.

And Miss Livee - 2011 was her last year at primary school. Next year she is off to Junior High. I am so proud of her achievements this year. She has done so well academically, in hockey, netball and golf and in her personal development (ie her confidence). She too has a glowing school report and she got the cup/trophy for Year 6 Girl "All Round" Excellence.

Wow - My kids may lack physical ability but they make up for it in brains and personality!!!

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