Monday, November 29, 2010

Universal Studios Singapore, by Corbin

I had lots of fun . It was awesome , fantasik , amasing , cool and exilnt I went on many rides. I went on this ride when you go in this circle thing you sit in it and you get spun around. My favourite ride was the Treasure Hunters. You go in a safari car and drive around and you see mechanical animals. My favourite animal was the snakes.
I went on the Far far away rollacoaster and I went on this other thing like a rollacoaster at Jurasic park. We went on the Dino soarin ride and rode pterdactyls. I flew it. I went on the Madagascar merry go round and a Shrek ferris wheel. We saw Julian, Gloria, alex and the penguins of madagascar dancing and singing I like to move it move it. I got a photo with the penguins of madagascar. Mum bought me a drink bottle and a lego game and Mum went on this rollacoaster that was called revenge of the mummy and it was in the dark and lots of scary things popped up. The lights camera action was awesome. Me and mum liked it. We watched the Water world show and got really wet because we sat in the soak zone. If you ever go there do not sit in the blue or green seats or you will get really wet. It rained after that and we got even wetter.

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