Sunday, November 7, 2010

Awesome - we won the Blogging Campaign!!!

This weekend I've received some really exciting news! "For the Love of Corbin" blog has won the ABR Asia quarterly blogging campaign. I'm thrilled because it means 3months free machine rental for us. A huge added bonus so thank you ABR Asia and also everyone who reads this blog.

I told Corbin that his blog won and his response was "Its probably because I helped you" - OK I admit it adds a warm furry feeling when people read words from the mouths of babes and his stories are probably more interesting than what I've got to say, but come on Corbin I do most of the work!!! Ah the story of my life!!!

We are off for our next training trip in 3 weeks so I have lots to do before I leave. Perhaps first on my to do list for this week is to find somewhere (somewhere cheap) to stay when we get there.

Have a great week everyone - mine is going to be a ripper - I can just feel it....

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  1. Yay!!!! I'm not sure who to congratulate so that I don't get in trouble ;) so.....Great job Corbin for helping Mum work so hard to win the campaign :) There....that was kinda diplomatic.