Monday, July 26, 2010

Keeping busy

Oops I have been so busy since the kids went back to school last week that I have forgotten to blog - I wonder if blogging twice in one week will make up for it?

The school holidays went fast as usual. As well as going to Kidzone, Miss Livee and Master Corbin earned the opportunity to go to two movies (earned as in did lots of jobs for me). They chose Shrek and Marmaduke. Other than that we didnt do much.

First week back at school has been busy. In addition to coaching Miss Livees Tuesday night netball team, I am coaching another team for an interschool competition again this year and we had 2 practices for that last week. Thats always enough to cause a few more grey hairs!! Plus I'm always kept quite busy with Miss Livees afterschool activities which include Netball, Jazz, Hockey and Keyboard. She does quite a few activities but thats because even though I have 3 children, I only have 1 that can do all these things.

Master Jay tried a few sports over the years but he didn't like all the running around most of them entailed and he had a go at music/guitar but has settled with what he is passionate about, motorbikes and cars. He spends hours and hours in the shed "tinkering" with engines. My budding mechanic!!

And Corbin - well I guess its early days yet - maybe music next year. He has great aspirations to be an All Black when he walks. I think its a bit early to burst that bubble yet......

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