Monday, May 20, 2013

Speedway Prizegiving

The Riverside Speedway prize giving was last night.  Master Jay collected a few more trophies to add to his collection:
1. First in Best Pairs
2. 2nd in Southland Champs
3. 1st in Season points

Next season Master Jay will move on to the adult Modified Sprints grade and Miss Livee will still have another 3 years in the Youth Grade.  They both have the racing bug so can't see them wanting to finish up with this sport in a hurry!!!

Master Jay doesn't play a winter sport (too busy tinkering with cars and motors - well actually he tried a lot of the traditional winter sports over the years but found that running and coordination are not his best attributes!!). 

Miss Livee plays hockey and netball in the Winter, both of which are now underway. 

And of course Master Corb doesn't have any sports at this stage.  Corb is not only disadvantaged because of his physical limitations but also because he suffers from "the 3rd child syndrome" - where his mother is a bit slack when it comes to getting him involved in sports and hobbies.  I guess you could say my priorities for Master Corb lie elsewhere at the moment. 

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