Friday, May 17, 2013

Where is the Motor - arggh!!!

5 weeks and we are still waiting on a new motor for the power chair.  Originally we were told 2-3 weeks to get one but today I've been informed that it still hasn't turned up - arggh - there is always something.  Going back to the manual chair for 5 weeks is so hard and we are yet again faced with all the frustrations that come with the lack of independence Master Corb has.  He is reliant on friends to push him around at school, he is not getting to the toilet on time, he has shoulder pain from self propelling, he has wet and dirty clothes everyday from the water off the wheels because there is no clearance from his sides because he has basically outgrown it and to top it off the damn foot plate keeps falling off the manual chair!!  It really makes both Corb and I appreciate the power chair but on the other hand being without it really highlights the limitations of his manual chair.

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