Wednesday, March 9, 2011

School Athletics

Ah hello again.
I've been having a short break from blogging - not intentionally - time just seems to fly when you blink and wouldn't you know 7 weeks have shot by... it also has something to do with the fact that I've been running short of things to write about.

Anyway today I have something to say. Yesterday the 2 younger children, Miss Livee and Master Corbin, had the Southern Zone Athletics day. Quite uneventful for the Fraser children I must say. Olivia did well at high jump and shotput but the running was like watching "Chariots of Fire" in slow motion.

Corbin was able to participate in Shot put and Quoits and wanted to crawl the 60m running race and crawl through the long jump pit but I told him he would wear his knees off if he did so thankfully that put him off. Instead Corbin made up his own events at for the day.

Firstly there was the backward roll competition....

Then there was the up hill race (which I might add he did quite a few times)...

Then there was his favourite the downhill roll..

He certainly managed to fill in his day and he managed to tire himself out.

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  1. That's Super, I loved the photos, the sports day looked great. I could see my Oatie doing that one day. Love Mel x We do ABR too, we're in Canada