Thursday, March 24, 2011

If only the world was covered in water!!!

I guess the residents of Japan aren't agreeing with the title of this blog but when you have a child that can only walk in water then you would understand where I'm coming from!!!

We have had school swimming for the past couple of weeks and Corbin has achieved some exciting things. Firstly walking confidently, unaided, in the water. His record is walking 5 times across the pool and back without falling and today he did it without his wetsuit on (his wetsuit gives him a little bit of bouyancy).

He can now also glide (of a fashion) on his tummy with his head in the water and then stand up and regain his footing without assistance. This is huge for Corbin. I attribute all this to the improvements in his balance thanks to ABR.

Yeah - Bring it on....................................................

I had a little video of him walking in the water but unfortunately after trying 3x to upload it I had to admit defeat and forget about it - sorry.

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