Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday

I'm a little late with the Christmas wishes, so Happy Belated Christmas to you all. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas full of family and friends.

Corbin was delighted that Santa got him what he asked for - lollies and lego, but I'm still waiting on Santa to deliver legs that function properly for my dear little boy.

I ask for them at every opportunity I get and even though I know in my head that the arrival of functioning legs is a work in progress through ABR, there is always that little part of me that longs and prays for "total healing of every joint, every muscle, every part of his little body" - yes a miracle ....

Today is my birthday and once again, as I blow out the many, many candles Miss Livee has put on the beautiful carrot cake (my favourite) she has made me, I will make the very same wish....

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  1. A partir de hoy te seguiré. No suelo encontrar muchos niños con diplejia espástica (como mi hija. Vivimo en España y ella fué prematura, pero a pesar de que me dijeran mas o menos lo mismo ya camina. Animo... Y desde hace dos años hacemos también ABR