Saturday, October 9, 2010

Corbin goes to the rugby

Corbin is an avid rugby supporter and enjoys yelling at the TV with his Dad every weekend. Tonight was the first time Corbin has gone and watched a provincial rugby game live. He has been so excited about this game for weeks. It was a 7.30 kick off and not a very nice night at all, but luckily Corbin and his Dad had seats in the stand. A hair raising game it was too. Unfortunately the Southland Stags lost the game and the Ranfurly Sheild goes back to Canterbury. The Stags had done so well to hold on to the sheild since the end of last season after a huge 50 year drought but unfortunately their reign is over. "Never mind" said Corbin "We can still win the ITM Cup Aye Dad?"
So go the Stags. Bring home the ITM cup!!!

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