Monday, February 15, 2010


When most kiwi kids are all settled back in school for another year, Corbin and I are in Christchurch for our 4th week of Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy.

Not only has Corbin missed the start of his school year, we are also missing our summer in Invercargill. Despite what the rest of NZ think, we do not have penguins walking down the street in Invercargill - in fact over the past 4 weeks Invercargill, the bottom of the world, has had better weather than most of the country and unfortunately Corbin and I are not there to enjoy it.

I have never liked being away from any of my children for more than a couple of days. They are my world and they are all still at an age that I am their world. I miss them terribly...

Unfortunately I have spent way to many weeks away from my other 2 children (and husband) in the pursuit of a better life for Corbin, and sometimes we all suffer for it. For example, when your beautiful and sensitive 9 year old daughter hugs you tightly, not wanting to let you go, then with tears streaming down her face she whispers quietly to me "I don't want you to go Mummy....", it is not good for ones heart.


  1. :( That must be a terrible feeling. I'm sure in the long run they'll understand that it's all for Corbin :)

  2. Oh that draws at the heart strings. Being a mum I know exactly what you must be feeling having to be away from some of your children.