Monday, January 4, 2010

Back in to it

Happy New Year to everyone. I sure hope this year is better than our last one. Its amazing how a new year can bring with it new hope and possibilities for the year ahead. Unfortunately the dawning of a new year only happens once a year. When you are a parent living with your childs disability on a daily basis, sometimes that feeling of renewed hope for the future is needed more than once a year. Who am I kidding, you dont have to have a child with a disability, you just have to be a parent to need this feeling of renewed hope more than once a year!!!!

Well, now that the Christmas and New Year festivities are all over its time to get back into the ABR way of life. For me that means a couple of hours of manual ABR every night when Master Corbin is asleep. Its hard to get back into the groove again, but if I dont do it, no one else will.......

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