Monday, June 24, 2013

Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation(ABR) Hours to date

Just a little diversion from my current blogging path as I'm preparing to go to Singapore next week for our next Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation (ABR) session.

I am currently completing our "home performance record" which documents how many hours we have spent on each "application" or "prescription exercise" and thought I would do an update on our blog to show how much time and effort I devote to delivering this amazing rehabilitation approach to Master Corb.

Manual Hours to date - 2987 hours

Machine Hours to date - 58023 hours

Just to recap - the "manual" hours refers to the actual hours that I (or Corbs Nana who has done a few hundred hours) have personally, physically delivered the technique on Master Corb.  This has been performed on at least 50 different arrears of this body, primarily his head and torso, depending on the individual prescription exercises I have been given at our clinic or training session.

The "machine" hours refers to the hours that have been delivered by the ABR machine that we hire.  The machine simulates the manual technique.  Master Corb has slept with the machine on for over 6 years (one machine can be applied to 1-4 applications each time depending on the childs tolerance and Master Corb has had a minimum of 2 applications each night hence we clock up around 24 machine hours each night)

I want to reassure people (particularly the sceptics in the orthodox medical profession) that the reason I have put so much effort into ABR over the past 6.5+ years is because we have seen positive changes and results that would not have occurred otherwise and can not be explained by Master Corbs paedetrician or orthopaedic surgeon (or should I say they don't want to explain them and would prefer to ignore them because, heaven forbid, ABR might actually work!).

Contrary to popular belief I am not an idiot and I am not having the wool pulled over my eyes.  I am an educated individual who is deeply passionate about my children but I am not stupid, I thoroughly look into and research everything when it comes to my children and I know there are no cures (miracle or otherwise for Cerebral Palsy) but at the end of the day I let the results speak for themselves, any improvement is better than the alternative which is none at all.   I know a good thing when I see it and Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation is a revolutionary approach that does what it says -REHABILITATE.

Can't wait to get to Singapore and see Mr Blyum next week.

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