Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mid Year Report

Mid year report time again.  I'm delighted to say that once again Corbin continues to work above the expected level for his age in reading, writing and mathematics. The report even states that he is working at the expected level in PE - obviously this must have been adjusted to Corbins "expected" level but we'll take it none the less!
This is his teachers "general" comment at the end of the report:
"Corbin is a go-getter with a great sense of humour and a fantastic attitude to life! he is on task and focussed, he works steadily towards achieving the success criteria.  Corbin is a popular friend who loves singing, dancing and participating in games.  He loves doing the haka! Corbin has a great desire to achieve well and masters concepts quickly.  Keep up the super work Corbin!"
Oh I'm so proud.......

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