Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Another round of Botox

I said I would keep my blog updated regarding Corbins experience with botox but I've been a little slack blogging recently, or perhaps I should say I've been a little pushed for time lately! Anyway Corbin had his second lot of botox almost 12 days ago.  This time I only counted 26 injection sights in his bilateral sural triceps and abductors only. (They chose not to do the hamstrings this time because they wanted to put the maximum dose in the abductors and triceps to see whether or not this would help the right foot that turns significantly in - which I find a little strange given the hamstrings appear to be the tightest muscle group that Corbin has)

So far the response has not been as "good" as last time, by this I mean last time he had the ability to walk (in his walking frame) with reasonably straight legs and very little twisting of his pelvis but not so this time - a small improvement yes but not as good as last time, however I would venture to suggest that this has alot to do with the tightness of his hamstrings!!  The roll in of the left foot has not altered in any way and I'm still over the whole stretching thing and it still  hurts Corbin in several places in his legs to walk for short periods of time and he would far rather crawl.

Maybe I am just a pessimist, but again I question what has been achieved???  Corbin can walk in his walking frame with a slightly better gait, but it still hurts him to walk therefore why would he want to walk, and his left foot still turns in.  Has Corbins quality of life changed?  No - in fact he will probably tell you it is worse because once again the rigorous stretching and physio is getting in the way of his play time and yes it hurts too.  Will Botox miracuously make Corbin walk independantly?  No.  So why do we do it?  I'm not too sure what an orthopedic surgeon would  say to this, but as a parent its probably because I'm still hoping for some miracle.......


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