Thursday, May 3, 2012

On dangerous ground...

In NZ alot of primary schools have a program called Bible in Schools where the children are taught about the basic stories in the Bible. Corbins school has Bible in Schools and last week the Bible in Schools teacher must have been telling the children that  God can heal people and told the class of a child he knew whos asthma was healed  and a story about his own knee problem being healed by asking God through prayer.  Corbins teacher informed me this morning that Corbin had said he was going to ask their Bible in Schools teacher (Mr B) if he could ask God to heal his legs.  This is what I mean by dangerous ground.  At 8 and a half Corbins innocense means he believes it is that simple. My darling Corbin I have asked God a million times to heal your legs and I'm still waiting - my only wish is that it truly was that simple for us.


  1. Hi Michelle.
    I'm currently do a PhD on the way in which relgion is taught in New Zealand Primary schools. I wonder whether you would mind me using this blog post in my thesis, as an example of one of the problems with the current system?
    You can contact me at

    1. Yeah sure Helen. Please note that I am definately not against Bible in Schools as I am a Christain myself and I do think the basic bible stories should be taught in schools but I think people need to be careful dealing with young children - I mean what is Corbin going to think of God if his legs aren't healed? There is was no mention of the fact that sometimes our prayers aren't answered!!!