Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Day of Accomplishments

We've just got back from a few days away in Central Otago where we managed to get in a bit of boating. We had a day of accomplishments. Master Jay mastered the wakeboard, Miss Livee got up on the water skis, the wakeboard and managed to do a 360 degree turn on the kneeboard (first in our family to do this).

Well not to be outdone, Corbin decided he wanted to go by himself on the ski biscuit(he normally goes with an adult or laterly Miss Livee or Master Jay), which needless to say made me a little nervous, but both Corbin and I faced our fears and he did it!!!
As you can see he even got really cocky and got up on his hands and knees, not holding on, as well. The face first entry into the water when we stopped wasn't so pretty but he coped really well and didnt panic like he normally does. What a clever dude Corb.........


  1. Well done kids, hope you all have a great new year

  2. Way to go Corbin! You are braver than me! From Donna Steel :)

  3. hey Michelle! i've have just read the whole blog! and i'm so glad I did. Emma and Corbin have been friends for a while and i know what a great kid he is!. Thank you for taking the time to blog. It helps me understand and explain to Emma as she sometimes asks questions i dont know how to answer..mmmm dont they all though! anyways see you at school in feb! lisa