Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Corbin

Yes today is Corbins 7th Birthday.

He woke up very excited this morning, took his ABR machine off by himself and came into my bed for a cuddle. Yes he may be 7 but he's not too big for a cuddle with Mum! Within minutes Corbin asks "Do I look bigger?" So precious and innocent...

He had 3 friends from school around for a small party this afternoon which was all very exciting. Then the family came around for a combined tea with little cousin Meah who shares the same birthday. Meah is 2 today.

Corbin wanted a hedgehog cake so thats what I made him - very easy really, just fudge cake moulded in a bowl, iced with chocolate icing and decorated with chocolate buttons.

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  1. Hi it is Hannah, happy birthday hope you had a great day!